We are a young dynamic company that has its strengths in flexibility and creativity, we are not aligned just with standard products, but on special solutions which we develop for you, or with you. Our specialty is the drive technology, here we find ourselves in the sphere of development, calculation, and production of customized solutions. Pinion or worm-driven slew drives and slewing gears, V-belt or timing belt drives supported by bearing, and provided with coupling flange. You receive to your specifications designed modules for your demand. Our principle is to not only meet your needs, but to exceed them.

Company policy

Quality: We aim, even at the begining of the development and designing of our products to generate a high level of quality and continuity, this is reflected in the organization, and the available tools. We work with a number of reputable suppliers in the sphere of cutting, shaping, and casting. Certification to the principles of ISO 9001 or the implementation of a Total Quality Management System confirm our management and is targeted.

Personnel policy: Qualified and motivated employees are a prerequisite for successful business development. Most important is the intensive integration of new employees into the business processes and the development and training of staff for the respective areas of competence.

Environmental policy: We are constantly working in compliance with environmental regulations in addition to reducing environmental impact, reducing energy and resource consumption. Environmental awareness is the responsibility of every employee. To strengthen the promote the sense of responsibility for the environment at all levels is an ongoing task of the management. Through the use of our products in the field of renewable energy, we want to do our part to preserve and improve our environment.

For the future
In two years, we see ourselves as a company that has made itself a name in the sector of drive technology that works reliably with its customers and suppliers, and confirm the trust placed in us again and again.