Pinion drives

Our pinion gears are assemblies consisting of the core portion: an externally or internally toothed ball bearing slewing ring which is integrated in a housing and sealed. This is driven by a hydraulic or electric motor via, usually, a double supported pinion. High torque and or low speed often require, that a planetary or helical gear for example is installed between motor and pinion. Additional features can be requested for example hydraulic spring disk brakes, encoders, or safety coupling.
The special characteristics of this type of gear is that they are able to absorb high forces and torques and have relatively high efficiency, oil lubricated raceway system and gear are well suited for high duty cycles or as a continuous operation drives. This type of drive will not be offered for grease lubricated operation.

Possible field of applications include in grabs, excavator attachments, pallet turning devices, separators, as steering gears, azimuth drive of small wind turbines, cranes and lifts,... .